A long and twisted tale.



Three mismatched adventurers set out on a journey that will prove to be far longer and stranger than any of them could possibly anticipate. Driven by a shared interest in an enigmatic device from beyond their world, their quest will forge and test friendships; encounter terrible foes and likely lead to rather a lot of whinging.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that this is merely a children’s tale. It might appear to hold a simple, facile tale of foolish phantasmagoria, but appearances can be deceptive…

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See below for some sample pages from the book, a look at some of the characters and the first two introductory chapters.

The First Paragraph

Ah the first paragraph of an epic story – how do you begin?
Do you introduce your character, do you drop the reader right into the action, do you go for some clever technique to hook the reader?

1st paragraph

Each word is agonised over, should the city be bulgesome? Is the alliteration too much?
Can you read the word ‘Razzles’?

Anyway – for now – this is how it begins.
Maybe that will change.


Page 1 is HERE.


The First Page

What makes an effective first page?

Should it be colourful? Filled with action? Funny?
Page 1v

Page 2 is HERE.

Chronic Fatigue – Book 2 of In Search of Truth and Beauty

Elmo 3124b is sent to see Number 2 for losing the phage program.


Prologue – Book 2 of the series In Search of Truth and Beauty


This is likely to be the introductory page of the second book of the Truth and Beauty series.

Hot News

A Tremulous Test is now available for purchase.

Cover 2
Volume 2 in the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm follows on directly from volume one A Querulous Quest.
Currently it is available from Lulu.com our self publishing site.
Soon you will be able to buy copies from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

First images from book two of the series In Search of Truth and Beauty.

tunnel fallentunnel exittunnel descend

Book one of the series In Search of Truth and Beauty (Temporal Tantrums) is complete and will be ready for sale in just a few weeks.

Here are the first images from book two. This book continues the tangled time travel story from where book one left off.


The Tullgotha series is soon to expand to three books available for purchase.

The first two volumes in the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm are complete.
A Querulous Quest can already be found via the links at the top of the page.
A Tremulous Test (currently undergoing proof reading) will follow shortly.

books 1 and 2

The first volume in the companion series In Search of Truth and Beauty will be available very soon now.
Final proof reading and print checking is underway.

Cover Temporal

Soon production will begin on the second volume of the Truth and Beauty series.

Book 2 – A Tremulous Test

Covers 2

This is the cover for A Tremulous Test.
Currently undergoing final proof reading.

A Tremulous Test is book two in the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm and sequel to A Querulous Quest.
This book picks up the adventures where the first left off.