A long and twisted tale.

What People Have Said About A Querulous Quest

“This mini epic is a veritable delve into a smorgasbord of ideas, random but ‘tangible’ abstracted events and beautifully stylized imagery. It’s light-hearted and full of character, the humour of which will positively enhance your views and appreciation for the fantasy genre. Some of the personality traits may resonate with you, (yes, some may well not do so), so you’ll have to read to discover where this does and doesn’t apply.)
It’s goofy, madcap, and deliriously off-the-wall and at the same time inspirational to the inner artist and child in the reader.
Intriguing and zany; ice-cream for the brain(y)
– Russell

“What a fascinating concept. And do I love your art work? Oh man…
And while I’m not one to read (or for the most part, watch) fantasy–you engaged me from page one.”

“Your book is going to be amazing!! I love the colors, I could see a movie made from this!!”

‘A lot of work went into the design and layout of this book. Every page looks fantastic and illustrations are very good. I liked the way little nuggests of info such as what Chicken Scratching is, was separate from the story.’
– Parent

‘I liked what the characters were called: Ignatious Urlurcher and Grimboss. Chicken Scratching sounds fun too!’
– Boy, aged 11

‘It is very easy to get lost in the graphics of a book like this but, actually, it is well written too. The author works the story well with descriptive prose and a vast imagination. Oddly, I didn’t like the cover.’
– Teacher

‘Cool book. The illustrations were really good. I did not read the story so much because I was too busy enjoying the drawings. They must have been drawn on a computer.’
– Boy, aged 10

‘A book of this nature is excellent for reluctant boy readers: an exciting adventure, pretty well written and hidden in a maze of colourful imagery.’
– Teacher


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