A long and twisted tale.

A Collection of Collective Nouns 

A murder of crows. This features strongly in Tales of Strangeness and Charm.

Collective nouns are colourful and peculiar.

Makes me wonder who comes up with collective terms? Is it whoever gets in first, some smart wag of days gone by? Is it a matter of inventing the most memorable grammarly quip, one that sticks in the collective imagination or getting listed in some authoritative tome like The Book of St Albans? Come to that – what’s the collective noun for a group of collective nouns? A haphazardness!

Are there some collections yet to be nouned? Should we get in quick – a bit like having a star named after yourself?

What would be a good one for a group of renlings? A scrabble? A scrabble of renlings. Maybe.  But it implies a focus on a physical activity, where, perhaps, it should be more on the communication and collaborative constructs of the creature. A bickering has been suggested. That’s better.

I’ve have also been offered the following suggestions: a pomposity, a ransack, a squabble or a squash, a prevarication, a peregrine of, a consternation of… A curmudgeon, a flagrance, an enquiry, an expounding of, an expulsion of, an implosion of, a rendering of.
Then too there these: a hooe or a hawe, a chiaroscuro, an obscurus, a concoction, an infusion, a friction, a nocturne, a harrumph…

So many brilliant ideas!

Another one for crows (and ravens) is a storytelling of crows? A storytelling… There’s something useful there. Still, murder seems more apt for this story.


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