A long and twisted tale.

Temporal Tantrums Serialised

Cover Temporal

Coming soon – Temporal Tantrums serialised.

Temporal Tantrums is an insane sci-fi / time-travel escapade.
It follows a group of friends as things begin to happen in their lives that make no sense at all.

Temporal Tantrums is the first book in the series In Search of Truth and Beauty.
This series interlocks with the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm.
So Temporal Tantrums connects with A Querulous Quest.

You can follow the series in these places:
Here on this blog.
Our Facebook page.
Our Twitter account.
On Wattpad (coming soon).

Back cover blurb:
What if someone was interfering with your dreams?
Why do dreams seem to tell stories over which we have no conscious control? Who decides what gets into our dreams… …and what gets out?

What if the line between stories and reality blurs?
If our own story was told would we really be the character we think we are? Who says that our personal perspective of reality is the only one… … or the real one?

What if travelling in time was possible for you?
When would you go and would be able to get back?
If you met yourself would it really be you… …or another person very like you?

Cover back


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