A long and twisted tale.


A Tremulous Test – Read Free

A Tremulous Test.
Book 2 of the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm is to be available to read for free.

The whole book will be serialised at Wattpad:

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BOOK 2 A Tremulous Test


News and Updated Pages.

Book 3 of the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm – A Perilous Pest is now complete.
The proof copies look fine and you can order this in just a few days.

The best place to order is from our shop at Lulu.

Work is soon to begin on book 3 of the series In Search of Truth and Beauty.
This will continue the tangled tale begun in Temporal Tantrums and Chronic Fatigue.

Meanwhile the constant process of editing and updating has resulted in the improvement of a number of pages such as those below.

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A Querulous Quest Updated – Now In The Shop.

A Querulous Quest is back in the shop after the 2018 revision.

The printed version looks fantastic.


Tullgotha Description

Tullgotha is a city built into a hillside.
It consists of 7 stepped terraces of enormous size.

How to describe this in a couple of sentences?
Previously the simile was used of a wedding cake.
Could it be improved?

Some current ideas are:

But Tullgotha was, in reality a sprawling series of enormous concentric rings precariously stacked in great terraces, the outer, lower ring, therefore, had no centre.

But Tullgotha was, in reality a sprawling series of great circular terraces precariously stacked like vast steps cut into a mountain, the outer, lower ring, therefore, had no centre.

I’ve also had these great suggestions:

But Tullgotha was, in reality a (foreboding) spiralling stack of brooding masonry. Escarpments hewn with visceral effort into seven plateuing levels, each subsequent disc cutting its staircases against the otherwise rolling hillside.

But Tullgotha was, in reality a towering zenith of seven successively diminishing stone crenulated walls as they carved their ascending pathway into the hillside.

A progressively looming stack of forboding concentric rings, essentially a metropolis carved into the side of the majestic mountainside.

But Tullgotha was, to a passing fowl, a precarious statue of gray dinner platters, each terrace overwhelmed by the city masonry, intricate passways and fibrous bridges to toothpick towers. Ancient and detailed stonework faded into a blur of gray masonry and shadows, the terraces overflowing onto the green landscape like so much spilled feast.

This one is coming together gradually:
But Tullgotha was, in reality, a city of fortified escarpments cut into a great hill. Seven plateaus arranged in immense concentric terraces, each stacked high with the masonry of clustered towers, winding passways and connecting bridges. The lower level therefore had no centre.

Any better ideas?

The full paragraph is below the picture.


Razzles lived in a little stone cottage a mere hop, skip and a jingle away from the lower Tullgotha city centre. The residents there fondly referred to their dense knot of rambunctious architecture and ramshackle hovels as the ‘city centre’. But Tullgotha was, in reality, a sprawling series of enormous circular steps precariously stacked in the manner of a gargantuan wedding cake; the outer, lower ring, therefore, had no centre. Yet it felt like ‘the centre’, the higher, more important tiers, or ‘wards’ as they were properly known, somehow lacked the earthy realism of the ground level. Down here where most of the buildings had wildly overhanging, wood-beamed upper floors and drunkenly warped slate roofs, you sensed that this was the true city, the genuine heart of the place. Down here you could really get lost in a maze of narrow back streets and winding cobbled alleys half of which you honestly believed were not there the last time you happened along that way. This was where it all happened. At least, that’s what the common folk said.

Why The Names?

Now that Temporal Tantrums is being serialised on our various pages, it would be good to introduce the characters. But how do you decide what to call your main characters?

The characters in the book Temporal Tantrums are called Elmo, Gum, Heather, Holi, Mistletoe and Roan.

Anyone got any ideas why?


Temporal Tantrums Serialised

Cover Temporal

Coming soon – Temporal Tantrums serialised.

Temporal Tantrums is an insane sci-fi / time-travel escapade.
It follows a group of friends as things begin to happen in their lives that make no sense at all.

Temporal Tantrums is the first book in the series In Search of Truth and Beauty.
This series interlocks with the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm.
So Temporal Tantrums connects with A Querulous Quest.

You can follow the series in these places:
Here on this blog.
Our Facebook page.
Our Twitter account.
On Wattpad (coming soon).

Back cover blurb:
What if someone was interfering with your dreams?
Why do dreams seem to tell stories over which we have no conscious control? Who decides what gets into our dreams… …and what gets out?

What if the line between stories and reality blurs?
If our own story was told would we really be the character we think we are? Who says that our personal perspective of reality is the only one… … or the real one?

What if travelling in time was possible for you?
When would you go and would be able to get back?
If you met yourself would it really be you… …or another person very like you?

Cover back

A Perilous Pest Is On The Way. 

Book three of the series Tales of Strangeness and Charm – A Perilous Pest is now off to the printers for a proof copy.

A Perilous Pest small

Book one is available to read for free at the following places:

Here on this very blog. 

At Wattpad with pictures.

At Wattpad without pictures.

Via Twitter.

Via Facebook.

Book two can be found here along with the connected series In Search of Truth and Beauty.