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Book 2 Pictures

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The First Paragraph

The first paragraph of an epic story – how do you begin?
Do you simply introduce your character, do you drop the reader directly into the action, do you go for some clever technique to bait a hook?

1st paragraph

Each word is agonised over, should the city be bulgesome? Is the alliteration too much?
Can you read the word ‘Razzles’?

Anyway – for now – this is how it begins.
Maybe that will change.


All comments and suggestions welcome.


Page 1 is HERE.


The First Page

What makes an effective first page?
Should it be colourful? Filled with action? Should there be a small green person standing in a doorway?

Page 1v

Page 2 is HERE.

Razzles The Knohm


Razzles the knohm.

Razzles is a successful resident of the huge UnKnown World city Tullgotha.
He has a love for the easy life and enjoys a rather emotional temperament.
Unbeknownst to him he is about to become embroiled in a quest that will take him far from his comfortable home and test his negligible abilities to the full.

A somewhat frangible folk, knohms are often skittish, finicky and given to bouts of excessive gambolling.

Grimmbros and Ignatious

Grimm  and Ig 2 small

Grimmbros Darktale Woeweaver and  Ignatious.

Grimmbros is an erudite urgh-bane, a sporting legend, a giant among chicken-scratchers.
He is about to leave all that is dear to him and face some of the most incredible battles of his life.
Towering above such lesser creatures as knohms and renlings, Grimmbros is not easily taken advantage of.

Urgh-banes are large, heavy-set creatures with a love of the odd fracas and other somewhat indelicate pursuits.